Refried Pinto Beans


Pinto Beans


Refried pinto beans are hearty and comforting beans that are easy to prepare at home and taste way better than canned beans.  This lard free and fat free recipe can be done by using electric pressure cooker like Instant Pot. Vegan, gluten, oil and soy free

What are Refried Beans Used For?

I use these delightful creamy beans as a base for several meals. You can use them in tacos, burritos, nachos, bean quesadillas or enchiladas, 7 layer dip or salads.

You will love this No Lard, Healthy Refried Beans

- Easy recipe - Gluten-free - Fat Free - Vegan - Hearty and filling

- dry pinto beans - vegetable broth - garlic - small onion - jalapeño pepper Additional Seasoning - cumin coriander powder - 21 seasoning salute - sea salt



INSTANT POT DIRECTIONS : - Put the dry beans in a colander and rinse with cool water. Place the rinsed beans, roughly chopped onion or shallot, minced garlic and whole jalapeno pepper into the main steel insert.

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