Greek  Fresh Pasta Salad

Fresh Greek pasta salad recipe is the perfect summer salad for picnics, BBQs, or potlucks. It’s flavorful and healthy!  This easy recipe is Dairy Free and Vegan.


Easy Greek Pasta Salad has the perfect blend of flavors and textures to make it as a meal by itself.  You can also serve it alongside a more traditional grilled menu items. It’s a popular school lunch box option and looks very pretty on picnic menu table too.

A special note about using Cheese in this recipe

I often make this salad for large gatherings and potlucks. We have too many folks especially small children around us with severe dairy allergies. So I do not include any cheese in my salad. I want everyone to enjoy the dish. 

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

This refreshing and lightened up Mediterranean Pasta Salad tastes best after sitting for a bit. So all the ingredients have a chance to absorb the flavors of the marinade in the fridge. It can be prepared several hours in advance.


Pasta Ingredients            - Tie Pasta - Salt - Oil Salad Ingredients - Grape tomatoes - Baby spinach - Calamata Olives - Artichoke hearts - Chickpeas - Greek Salad dressing - Fresh parsley - Ground black pepper - Red chili flakes

- Boil the bow tie pasta with the salt and oil in the water according to the package until al dente. - While the pasta is happening, rinse and drain all canned ingredients. Chop the vegetables.


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